José Vieira is the new President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations

José Vieira, full professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, won on November 23rd, the elections for the position of President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), which took place in Melbourne, Australia, during the General Assembly of the Federation.

The full professor was the Portuguese candidate, presented by the Order of Engineers to this election, and is President of the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI), Member of the Executive Council of WFEO, and was National Vice President of the Order of Engineers, and is currently a member of its Assembly of Representatives.

On the website of the candidature, Carlos Mineiro Aires, President of the Order of Engineers states that Eng. José Vieira, for “His technical and professional background combined with the experience acquired as former Vice-President of OEP, President of FEANI and WFEO Executive Council Member make him an excellent candidate and the right person for this job” also adding that “I am sure that he will be up to the challenge of representing engineers worldwide as well as promoting engineering as a determinant profession in the development of a sustainable present and future.”

In its turn, José Vieira, states in his proposition that “Engineering has a pivotal role to play in addressing the challenges to society arising from resource depletion, urbanisation increase, environmental degradation and climate change by embracing sustainable development and the green economy. As a permanent and audible voice for the engineering profession in the world, WFEO should engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are the globally established framework for addressing these challenges, recognising that high standards of safety and well-being in modern societies can be achieved through advances in engineering. This is the aim of the Paris Declaration signed by UNESCO and WFEO in March 2018.” He also mentions that: “Considering its historic strengths, which are the highly diverse global network of professionals, WFEO must assume the mission of promoting the mobility, the education and the professional development of engineers in order to enhance the visibility of the value of engineers to society.”

Meet the programmatic lines of the application in: https://wfeoelections2019-jvieira.ordemengenheiros.pt/pt/programmatic-lines/

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