New species of fungus is named after Nelson Lima, CEB researcher

Nelson Lima, professor at the University of Minho, director of the Mycoteca, and one of the researchers at the CEB – Centre of Biological Engineering, can now add another achievement to his scientific career, with his name given to a new species of fungus for science, Penicillium limae.

The homage was granted by the Brazilian fungal culture collection URM for its contribution to mycology in Brazil and especially to the Mycology Department of UFPE – Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.

The fungus that adopts the Professor’s name was isolated during a survey in the soil microbiota of sugarcane plantations in a deforested area of the Atlantic Forest in Pernambuco, in northeast Brazil, and gained prominence in the scientific journal Mycological Progress.

The School of Engineering congratulates researcher Nelson Lima for this achievement!