Keep Solutions develops the General Secretariat of Education and Science’s platform

The General Secretariat for Education and Science (SGEC) provides, since March 2022, the IT solution Platform@LOGON, which dematerializes all stages of institutional interface between the SGEC and the institutions of the governmental areas of Science, Technology and Higher Education and Education, related to archive management and requests for technical support in bibliographic and museological areas. The development of this platform fell to Keep Solutions, technological spin-off of UMinho, as a result of a project submitted to SAMA, under the capacity building measures of public administration and SIMPLEX +.

According to the Director of Documentation and Archive Services of SGEC, Miguel Infante, “with the implementation of the@LOGON Platform by Keep Solutions, all interactions to be established regarding a simple request for technical support, or document reproduction, or more complex procedures, such as requests to eliminate documentation, requests for transfer of documentation, or requests for proposals for business processes to be included in the Consolidated List under the MEF, now have forms and procedures completely dematerialized and framed in the SGEC’s quality policy and the national archives policy developed by DGLAB” (Directorate General of Books, Archives and Libraries). The platform offers interconnectivity with DGLAB’s CLAV platform.

In addition to the IT aspect, the project allowed for the development of several key management tools such as updating the Common Classification Plan for Education and Science, Technology and Higher Education; the development of a proposal for an evaluation ordinance common to both governmental areas and the preparation of an Evaluation Report of Accumulated Documentary Masses for Primary and Secondary Education, instruments to be submitted for approval by the coordinating body of the national archival policy.

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