Project developed at the School of Engineering wins Technology and Innovation Award

The V2X Project – “Vehicle to Everything Communication” – developed in a partnership between Bosch Car Multimedia and the University of Minho (Algoritmi Center / Computer Communications and Pervasive Media Group) – coordinated by Alexandre Santos and António Costa, researchers of the Communications and Networks Group of the Department of Informatics (Computer Science Department), was declared the winner of the Technology and Innovation Prize in the 39th edition of Seguro Directo, Car of the Year/Cryrystal Steering Wheel Trophy 2022.

The V2X Project team (part of EasyRide) also included, from UMinho, researchers Bruno Dias and Joaquim Macedo (Lab Computer Communications and Networks, Department of Informatics), Maria João Nicolau (Lab Urban Computing, Department of Information Systems) and grant holders Bruno Ribeiro, Fábio Gonçalves, João Simões and Óscar Gama, in addition to several collaborators from Bosch Car Multimedia.

Selected as one of the 7 finalists – among “a set of innovative and technologically advanced devices that can directly benefit the driving and the driver”, the V2X Project was appreciated and then voted by twenty jurors having been announced the winner of the Technology and Innovation Prize of this 39th edition, whose gala took place on March 08, 2022, in a SIC Notícias and Expresso organization.

All the information about this award can be found at: https://expresso.pt/iniciativaseprodutos/carro-do-ano/2022-03-22-Peugeot-308-e-o-novo-Carro-do-Ano-em-Portugal-e0358755