Proef-dstelecom/Algoritmi Workshop 2023

The Proef-dstelecom/Algoritmi Workshop 2023 was held on 14 December at UMinho’s Gualtar campus in Braga.

The Proef-dstelecom/Algoritmi chair is sponsored by two large Portuguese companies: Proef Group and dstelecom. It aims to enable teaching and research projects in the area of the “Future of Telecommunications Networks” and to disseminate its achievements at events open to the community.

Therefore, the chair promotes the discussion of ideas involving representatives of the companies, as well as professors, researchers, and students, and provides an environment for the development of research and experimentation projects in the following sub-areas:

  • Sustainable Development of Telecommunication Networks (Low Population Density Areas and Urban and Industrial Areas).
  • Optimized Planning and Design of FTTx Networks.
  • Planning and Implementation of New Sustainable Business Models Associated with 5G Mobile Networks.
  • Improvement of Telecommunication, Energy and Mobility Networks Monitoring Systems.
  • Neutral Hosting.
  • Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT).

The programme of the workshop held on 14 December included the presentation of work carried out by master’s students, doctoral students and scholarship holders in the context of the UM/Proef/DSTelecom Chair.

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