Project Management in Industry 4.0 under analysis in the 3rd edition of COMPETIND 4.0

Identifying and characterizing the skills required for professionals involved in Project Management in the context of Industry 4.0, based on industry perspective, was the main theme of the 3rd edition of COMPETIND 4.0, held on May 31 at the Campus of Azurém of University of Minho.

José Carlos Caldeira (INESC TEC) and Patrícia Oliveira (Kathrein – part of Continental) were the speakers who came to describe and discuss the expected competencies of project management professionals in Industry 4.0 scenarios. For the discussion of “Project Management in Industry 4.0”, gathered the speakers Pedro Oliveira (EFACEC), Paulo Quintal (Oracle), José Mota (Bosch) moderated by Pedro Silva (iMM), with very diversified perspectives on the theme, as well as the report of very concrete experiences / situations that enriched the debate.

As in previous editions, the event attracted the interest of a large audience, which was able to register for a free entry to the TOP Program Workshop – Together on Projects “TOP # 03 – Control of Costs and Time in Projects “, from TecMinho, one of the partners of this event, along with Portilame.

COMPETIND 4.0 is an event co-organized by the management of the Master of Project Management in Engineering and the School of Engineering of the University of Minho.

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