Student from the School of Engineering wins best dissertation award

Leonor Ribeiro, student of the Master in Information Systems, won the first prize “ERCIS Master Thesis Award 2021”, awarded annually by the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS).

For the jury, this “thesis represents a strong and broad scientific body of work. It is worth noting the breadth of research covered (literature review, research design, interview analysis, toolkit validation, among other aspects), indicating broad coverage and mature understanding of the field. In addition, the reader has access to a wealth of over 500 pages with technical details in the appendix.”

The dissertation, titled “GDPR Toolkit” describes the development and validation of a tool that freely provides organizations with the resources needed to achieve compliance in the personal data protection process, building greater awareness of the implications and benefits of GDPR, as well as how implementation need not be experienced as a nightmare, but instead as a business opportunity. The availability of tools that enable businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to ensure and verify GDPR compliance is of greater importance, as it involves considerable resources and commitments. Considering that most European companies are SMEs, the dissertation can have a significant impact on society.

Congratulations Leonor!