EEUM researchers win iProof at TecMinho

EARLY – PhagE towARds initiaL amYloide-beta was one of the three big winners of the Financing Contest for Proof of Concept – iProof .

This project, led by Ivone Martins, researcher at CEB, developed a tool based on bacteriophages (bacterial viruses), for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, with high therapeutic potential. The aim of this iProof project is to study the therapeutic effect of this tool in an animal model, through cognitive and behavioural studies.

The team also includes Joana Azeredo and Alexandre Lima from CEB, Tiago Gil Oliveira from ICVS and Helmut Kessels from the University of Amsterdam.

In addition to the 10 thousand euros prize, the researchers will also benefit from 12 hours of consultancy so that they can work on the business side.

More info: https://www.tecminho.uminho.pt/noticia/divulgacao-de-resultados-do-concurso-de-financiamento-de-provas-de-conceito-iproof