The Future is a shortcut from EEUM to a promising path

The School of Engineering now gathers and makes available, in one place, information concerning:

Dissertations in Company;

Summer/Short Term Internships;

Challenges to the Academic Community;

Continuous Training;

Career Activities;

Employment Day;

Entrepreneur RedEE;

Job Search Alumni.

The Future webpage, inserted in the institutional website of the School of Engineering, aims to be a meeting point between the business / labor market and the students of the School of Engineering of the University of Minho, providing both parties with information and tools to meet the interests of all.

All department directors and course directors are asked to collaborate with this platform in receiving opportunities for students from companies, so that we can follow up and obtain metrics that allow us to improve the strategy of interaction with companies and integration of our students into the labor market.

To the student community of EEUM we therefore reinforce the need to update your preferred contacts by filling in this form, so that the School of Engineering can send you information that is really of interest to you (e.g. the opportunity to develop your dissertation in a company for specific courses).

We will shorten the distance between your academic career and a promising future!

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