UPA opened doors to thousands of students at the Azurém campus

UPA opened doors to thousands of students at the Azurém campus

UPA – UMinho de Portas Abertas (UMinho with Open Doors), which took place on March 30th, 31st and April 1st, 2023, at the Azurém campus, in Guimarães, presented UMinho in a comprehensive perspective, combining the presentation of its educational offer, through a Show, where all Schools and Institutes of UMinho were represented, with the visit to the spaces and the possibility to know and experience its resources, through the participation in guided tours, workshops, lectures, among other dynamics.

This event represented an excellent opportunity to get to know the best that is done and produced at the University of Minho, as well as to get in touch with the academic environment and experience.

It was also an opportunity to get to know the infrastructures and services that UMinho makes available to the student community, for the pursuit of studies and for the development of transversal tools, so important for the integration of future professionals in the labor market.

The activities were free, with limited vacancies and were available upon registration (individual or group) and were aimed at 9th grade and high school students, teachers, vocational advisors, parents and guardians.

The School of Engineering received, within the scope of the UPA, about 2500 students from dozens of schools, mostly from the northern region of the country. The high school students had the opportunity to interact with students, researchers and teachers from several departments of the School of Engineering in the Central Nave of building 1, where several activities/demonstrations related to the teaching offer were taking place, throughout March 30 and 31, and in the morning of April 1.

On April 1, the session “Let’s talk about Engineering: Tomorrow Needs Engineering” took place in building 1 of the Azurém campus, with the participation of students and alumni invited by the School of Engineering, and moderated by professors and alumni Nelson Costa and Raúl Fangueiro. In this session, which was attended by dozens of high school students, parents/guardians and vocational advisors, it was possible to clarify several doubts regarding curricula, professional opportunities, transference between courses, academic experience, among other questions addressed to the guests Carina Simões, Alumni of Engineering and Information Systems Management (Outsystems), Carlos Arantes, Industrial Electronics and Computer Engineering Alumni (Efacec), Inês Núncio, Civil Engineering Alumni (bySteel), Vinícius Silva, Industrial Electronics and Computer Engineering Alumni (EEUM Researcher), Sónia Fernandes, Industrial Engineering and Management Student and President of NEEGIUM, and Gonçalo Rodrigues, Computer Engineering Student and Vice-President of CESIUM.

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