54 EEUM students were awarded Excellence Scholarships

158 students were awarded a scholarship of the same value as the tuition fee

The ceremony to award the Scholarships of Excellence of the University of Minho took place on 21 June, at 17h00, at the Gualtar campus, in Braga. 158 students were distinguished with a diploma and a scholarship with a monetary value equal to the tuition fee, which corresponds to an investment of about 110 thousand euros. The list of the awarded students was published in the Academic Portal

UMinho has been awarding the Scholarship of Excellence to students of all bachelor’s degrees and integrated master’s degrees who, according to the regulations in force, have obtained the best application, year or course grade, as long as it is equal to or higher than 17 values.

Started in 2012, the granting of these scholarships represents an accumulated investment of over one and a half million euros and reflects a particular way in which UMinho recognises the work and academic path of its students.

The Awards of Excellence ceremony was attended by the Rector, Rui Vieira de Castro, the Vice-rector for Education, Laurinda Leite, and the President of the Academic Association (AAUM), Rui Oliveira, and can be viewed on UMinho’s YouTube channel.

The School of Engineering congratulates these students and wishes them the continuation of an academic path of excellence!

Fashion Design and Marketing

Ana Rita Fonseca Leitão
Tiago Filipe Castro Silva
Beatriz Garcia Sobral Melo

Integrated Master in Computer Engineering

Rui Pedro Esteves Vasques Correia de Oliveira
Pedro Tavares Alves
João Pedro Gonçalves Correia
Miguel Rúben Silva de Oliveira
Pedro Miguel Moreira Ferreira
Nuno Filipe Pinto Faria

Integrated Master in Biological Engineering

Joana Maria Alves Lopes
Maria Gabriela Afonso Gonçalves
Rui Miguel Lamela do Carmo
Maria Clara Dantas Lopes Macedo Moura
Elisa Kotz Minguijon

Integrated Master in Biomedical Engineering

Ana Carolina Faria da Costa
Luisa Sousa Lima
Diogo Renato Dias Martins
Mariana Salgueiro Pereira
Carolina Maria Cunha Gonçalves

Integrated Master in Civil Engineering

Mariana Veiga Gonçalves

Integrated Master in Industrial Electronics and Computer Engineering

Luís Rogério de Oliveira Barbosa Faria Carvalho
Francisco Marques da Costa
João Diogo Santos Correia
Bruno Miguel Machado Ferreira

Integrated Master in Engineering Physics

Mafalda Pinto Couto
Hélder Vieira de Freitas Maia Martins
Magda Mendes Duarte
João Duarte Gonçalves Azevedo
Mafalda Francisco Ramôa da Costa Alves
José Diogo da Costa Guimarães

Integrated Master in Industrial Engineering and Management

Andreia da Cruz Gomes
João Ricardo Silva Sá Paiva Maré
Maria Alice da Silva Guerra
Maria João Carvalho de Castro
Alexandre Daniel da Silva e Cunha

Integrated Master in Polymer Engineering

Alexandra da Ponte Vale

Integrated Master in Information Systems Engineering and Management

Letícia Magueija Santos
Diogo Fernandes Freitas
José Carlos Fernandes Antunes
Adriana Sofia da Silva Rodrigues
Mariana Fernandes Faria
João Pedro Ribeiro Oliveira

Integrated Master in Information Systems Engineering and Management – After-Work Hours

José Carlos Gomes Ribeiro
Filipe Baptista de Almeida
Integrated Master in Materials Engineering
Gonçalo Traila Oliveira Martins
Ana Beatriz Ribeiro Camarinha
Miguel Ângelo Gonçalves da Rocha

Integrated Master in Mechanical Engineering

João Pedro Paiva Fernandes
Sara Gonçalves Gören
Carlos Alberto Peixoto Borges

Integrated Master in Textile Engineering
Beatriz Ferreira Caseiro
José Emanuel Ferreira Abreu
Helena Maria da Silva Oliveira
Cátia Sofia Pereira Alves