Alumnus of the School of Engineering distinguished in the Architecture, Sustainability and Innovation Awards

The doctoral thesis of Dr. Jorge Fernandes (former student of the Doctoral Program in Civil Engineering), supervised by Doctors Ricardo Mateus (EEUM) and Helena Gervásio (FCTUC), with the title “Modelling the life cycle performance of Portuguese vernacular buildings: assessment and contribution for sustainable construction”, was awarded the prize for best dissertation, within the scope of the Prémios Arquitetura, Sustentabilidade e Inovação (Architecture, Sustainability and Innovation Awards), promoted by the Fundo Ambiental (FA) and the Ordem dos Arquitetos (OA)

The jury, composed of architects João Paulo Cardielos (President of the Jury, appointed jointly by FA and OA), Joana Mourão and Raul Moura (appointed by OA) decided to award the ex aequo prize and an honourable mention among the 19 proposals submitted to the competition.

The three architects considered the exemplarity of the three works, which they unanimously distinguished, considering the relevance of their contributions to the objectives set by OA and FA.

They highlighted the scope and quality of Jorge Fernandes’ PhD thesis, documenting and assessing technical and constructive systems known in the scope of the Survey on Portuguese Regional Architecture (1955-1960), recommending its publication in Portuguese version to the promoters. The jury praised Jorge Fernandes’ work in the detail and evaluation of the technical and constructive systems of Portuguese regional architecture, also focusing on the values of construction ecology.

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