Águas do Norte awards scholarships to students of the School of Engineering

The University of Minho and Águas do Norte signed today a protocol for the allocation of eleven “Master Scholarships” and two “Doctoral Scholarships” Archimedes to students of this academy. The ceremony took place in the Salão Nobre da Reitoria da UMinho, in Braga, in the presence of the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Eugénio Campos Ferreira, and the president and vice-president of Águas do Norte, respectively José Machado do Vale and Fernanda Lacerda.

This scientific and technological cooperation protocol is aimed at UMinho’s merit students in the areas of Environmental Biology and Chemical and Biological Engineering, among others. Each distinguished student will be able to complement the theoretical part of the course with a practical experience in the business sector, thus carrying out their thesis and eventually helping to solve problems of water treatment and reuse, for example. The master’s scholarship has an annual value of 1000 euros and the doctoral scholarship 3000 euros.

“This initiative translates the expressed will to accentuate the collaboration with institutions and companies”, considered Eugénio Campos Ferreira. “We expect that the model proposed by Aguas do Norte may be replicated by other companies”, he added.

José Machado do Vale highlighted that the Archimedes scholarships are a model of skills development that allows Águas do Norte “a direct connection to the sources of knowledge”, thus affirming the innovation and research in environmental sciences and technologies. Among the topics suggested for students to deepen in their theses are advanced techniques for the removal of textile effluents, artificial intelligence in risk detection, optimization of water treatment, the consequences of human exposure to certain compounds and work ergonomics issues.