Best Student at UMinho with high participation at EEUM

From March 22 to 24, 350 students from the 11th and 12th years, from 59 secondary schools from all over the country, “travelled” to UMinho to participate in the national edition of the Best Student at UMinho. Of these, 167 enrolled in the sessions promoted by the research centres of the School of Engineering.

At the opening session on March 22, the President of the School of Engineering, Prof. Pedro Arezes, welcomed these students, congratulating them for being in this programme and making them aware of “a young school, characterized by its great connection to society and the business world”, highlighting the advantages of belonging to one of the youngest academies in the country.

The Research Centres “attracted” the best students with the following lectures:

Algoritmi – “Artificial Intelligence: the challenges of the future”;

CTAC – “Climate change impacts and adaptation solutions. The contribution of hydraulics”;

2C2T – “The use of nanotechnologies in the textile world”;

CEB – “Chemical and Biological Engineering-an inspiration for your future”;

HasLab – “The science behind the STAYAWAY COVID app”;

CMEMS – “Ocean 4 You”;

ISISE – “Smart systems and materials for the construction of the future”.

The lectures were also preceded by brief presentations from the directors of the following courses related to the centres’ research areas: Integrated Master in Civil Engineering, Integrated Master in Computer Engineering, Integrated Master in Industrial Engineering and Management, Integrated Master in Biological Engineering, Integrated Master in Biomedical Engineering, Integrated Master in Materials Engineering and the Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing.

More information can be found here: https://www.eng.uminho.pt/pt/Escola/eventos/Paginas/melhorestudante.aspx

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