Betweien launches ebook to explain the War in Ukraine to children

“The color of my fear” is the name of the new digital book developed by the spin-off originated from EEUM, with the purpose of raising children’s awareness of the recent European conflict.

On the company’s website you can read that this book and music, built in a concerted way and in a short period of time, aim above all to “respond to what is the company’s Social Responsibility policy, the need to keep children informed about what is happening in the world, with the necessary tools to act in the best possible way.

They also add that “at a time when we question how uncertain can be that security that we had taken for granted, in a context where we are haunted by the European explosions and uncertainties, the moment when we questioned the consequences of this war, Betweien decided to develop this digital textbook, and make it available online for free. Many have been the solidarity actions coming from all parts of the world, Betweien thus contributes with what it knows best to develop, educational content that informs and raises awareness about a particular topic.”

Those responsible indicate that “through the book “The Color of My Fear”, Betweien seeks to stay close to all children working a message of comfort and learning to somehow know how to deal with the fears and anxieties possibly experienced in these times.  Meanwhile, it explains, in a totally uncomplicated way, the reality currently experienced and how we can face it.”

Also as a learning support for this message that Betweien wants to convey, a song from Betweien’s “Petals of the World” Project was adapted to serve this project. “This song, with a very symbolic video clip, also means a message of hope, in which we all have a contribution so that we can overcome these days and build a better world for all.”

The book is available for download on social media and also on Betweien’s website.