EEUM Alumna launches crowdfunding campaign to create creative core of Textile in Amarante

Catarina Noronha wants to change her look on fashion and create collective memories. For this, the alumna of the School of Engineering of UMinho thought Modar-te, a creative nucleus that aims to contribute to a city with a more open look for art and design. The project intends to create in Amarante, from where Catarina comes from, a coworking studio, events and workshops for all ages.

The “studio concept for the digital world” through the YouTube channel will be another of the project’s innovations. In February 2021 interviews and a graphic diary of those who use the coworking space will be released, which will be available from January, and where there will be workshops and workshops related to textiles. To this end, the student has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Without forgetting the older arts, Modar-te intends to “take ancestral craft techniques and revitalize them through a more contemporary design, in which the younger generations identify themselves. There are already several workshops programmed by older people with knowledge in crafts and directed to younger people, although without age limit.

Education is one of the four concepts by which the project is governed. Catarina, 28, was inspired by an experience of the European Voluntary Service in the Czech Republic, where she worked with children in the creation of a conceptual fashion collection, having then originated a fashion show. The promotion of textile “as a form of artistic expression” is another concept that the project intends to approach, through the sale of the pieces created, the YouTube channel and events and exhibitions. The illustration, design and respective redesign and up-cycling – the reuse of objects that seem useless and their creative transformation – are also pillars of the project.

Catarina Noronha studied science in high school and started studying genetics and biotechnology in college, but she soon realized that what she really wanted to do at a professional level was to work in the arts. She ended up studying Design and Fashion Marketing at the Engineering School of the University of Minho and at the end of her degree she promoted fashion shows and a creative fashion event in Amarante, which lasted 12 hours and later became the project with the same name for which she launched a crowfunding campaign.

In love with her city, Catarina wants to continue living by the margins of Tâmega. Not having a lot of work locally in the area of fashion and design, she decided to open her own space. To do so, a crowdfunding campaign is taking place on the PPL platform: contributions can start at five euros and go up to 1000, rewarded with a bust of plaster. The campaign was online until December 22nd.

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