The Program “The Best Student” gathers 350 students at EEUM

The best high school students were in contact with the presidential team and EEUM researchers from December 16-18.

The initiative, called “The Best Student at UMinho”, presented UMinho’s training offer in an online model and highlighted the research being done in this academy, which they may take part in.

The 350 participants come from 50 educational establishments in the districts of Viana do Castelo, Braga, Vila Real, Porto and Aveiro.

The Engineering School program included the participation of the ALGORITMI Center, the Center for Biological Engineering (CEB), the Center for Territory, Environment and Construction (CTAC), the Center for Research in Electromechanical Microsystems (CMEMS), the Center for Science and Textile Technology (2C2T) and the Trusted Software Laboratory (Haslab), which spent about 1 hour talking to these students about topics related to their research areas, and the teaching areas of EEUM. The opening of the sessions, in the 3 days, was the responsibility of the President of EEUM, always with the participation of Professor Filomena Soares, leader of the EEUM “High School Link” initiative, as well as Joana Martins, collaborator of the Pedagogical Council responsible for linking the students to the companies, and the collaborators of the Communication and Image Office of EEUM.

In the opening sessions the students had the opportunity to briefly learn about the structure of EEUM, teaching and research areas, as well as the positioning of EEUM in relation to other institutions, highlighting the strong connection to the business fabric of the region, the quality training of students confirmed by the high number of employers who seek them, the spirit of academia and proximity to the students, the proactivity of the student nuclei, among other aspects which define the School of Engineering. There was also space for students to ask questions, access contacts and links to the main EEUM communication media, as well as subscribe to the 2021 agenda of events being prepared by EEUM for the pre-university public.

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