Eight students of School of Engineering received Sports Merit Awards

The combination of sporting excellence and academic success is worth prizes to 17 students.

The University of Minho (UMinho) once again awarded its students who combined sporting excellence with academic success in 2019/2020. 17 athletic students were distinguished with the Sports Merit Awards (PMD), which achieved excellence in 6 sports. Swimming was the sport with the most awards.

The award ceremony of the Sports Merit Awards, for the 2019/2020 season, took place on 21 December at the Auditório Noble of the Campus of Azurém in Guimarães and the event was broadcast online on UMinho Sports Channel on YouTube.

The session was attended by the Rector of UMinho, Rui Vieira de Castro, the Administrator of the Social Action Services, António Paisana, the President of the Academic Association, Rui Oliveira, and the Head of Mission of Portugal to the Tokyo Olympic Games, Marco Alves, who spoke about the importance of developing dual careers within the Olympic project.

At the time, most of the modalities were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The athletes awarded in this edition of the Sports Merit Awards are those whose competitions were held before the March confinement, which paralyzed not only university sports, but the whole country.

This was, above all, a moment of homage to the student athletes who, individually or collectively, achieved podium places in the International University Championships or have been awarded National University Champions and who, at the same time, obtained more than 50% of the credits in their respective academic year.

These awards are indexed to the annual tuition fee. The amount of the prize varies between the full tuition for students who have won gold medals in international university competitions, and 12.5% of the full tuition in the case of students who have won national university champions in collective modalities or relay competitions.

The 17 awarded students received the scholarship and the respective certificates that attest to their excellence in sports and academia. These come from 12 UMinho courses, and the schools most represented in this year’s electives are the School of Engineering (8) and the School of Medicine (5).

The School of Engineering congratulates its students Ana Sofia Machado da Cunha Oliveira, Murillo Martins Montilha, Pedro Sousa, Rita Manuela Fernandes Novais, João Nuno Alves Lopes, Catarina Reis Silva, Lara Alexandra Pereira Novo Martins Vaz and André Pereira da Rocha Gomes and hopes that they will continue to be successful in the sports and academic aspects of their lives.

The awarding of the Sports Merit Awards is an initiative that is already in its 11th edition. In all, 870 Sports Merit Awards have already been awarded for an overall investment of over 200 thousand euros.

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