EEUM Alumnus makes videogame with quantum computing in CERN

The staff member of the Communication Office and alumnus of the Master in Technology and Digital Arts of the School of Engineering, Diogo Cunha, was selected by CERN to participate in the Quantum Future Hackathon. An event that challenged participants to apply their skills in multidisciplinary teams from areas such as engineering, science, technology, arts and math. 60 participants were selected from 600 candidates, who worked for three days on CERN’s IdeaSquare, guided by scientists and technology experts to idealize potential applications of quantum computing in everyday life.

Diogo Cunha, joined a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, bringing together 5 elements from the USA, Switzerland, Pakistan, Singapore and China. The team has created a video game that uses quantum computing to influence the randomness of the narrative ramifications of the game itself so that it is non-deterministic, thus bringing the line between simulation and reality.

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