EEUM researcher awarded in Poland

Filipe Marques, a researcher from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, received an award at the 15th World Congress of the International Federation for Machinery and Mechanisms Promotion (IFToMM 2019), held from 1 to 5 July in Krakow ) attended by 700 participants.

Filipe Marques was awarded the Prize for Best Article in the student category with the work titled ” Utilization of Non-Conformal Wheel Surfaces for Railway Dynamics “.The award-winning research aims at the development of sophisticated computational models able to faithfully mimic the dynamic behaviour of rail vehicles in terms of the interaction between wheels and rails.The work carried out under this article makes it possible to obtain innovative technological solutions for high performance railway systems.The work was supported by a large team of researchers including Hugo Magalhães and Jorge Ambrósio (University of Lisbon), João Pombo (University of Huddersfield, UK), Stefano Bruni (Milan Polytechnic, Italy), and Paulo Flores (University of Minho).

Since January 2016, Filipe Marques has been a student of the Leaders for Technical Industries Program within the scope of the MIT Portugal Program.Filipe Marques has also been a guest assistant at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Minho since September 2016. In 2015, he completed the Integrated Master in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minho, with a final grade of 18 values. Filipe Marques is the author and co-author of several dozens of scientific, technical and pedagogical publications , having received several scientific and academic awards .Filipe Marques develops his scientific activities in the Centre of Research and Development in MicroElectroMechanical Systems of the University of Minho (CMEMS-UMinho).

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