EEUM Researchers receive Best Student Paper Award @ RTAS23

José Martins and Sandro Pinto, researchers from the School of Engineering’s ALGORITMI Center were awarded the Best Student Paper Award, with the paper “Shedding Light on Static Partitioning Hypervisors for Arm-based Mixed-Criticality Systems”, at RTAS 2023 – 29th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium 2023, a top-tier conference in the domain of embedded and real-time systems, which took place between May 9 and 12, in Texas, USA.

For Sandro Pinto, this award is particularly special “because it marks the culmination of a decade of hard and continuous work and is the confirmation and corroboration of the excellent work that the group (ESRG – ALGORITMI) has been developing in the field. The current researcher and visiting assistant professor at the School of Engineering, adds that “when I started my PhD in 2013 it was unthinkable to publish in these top-tier (RTSS, RTAS, ECRTS), because the level of demand and scientific quality was far beyond what we could have in the group at the time (the acceptance rate is very low and the process is very competitive). Then, even as I was finishing my PhD, in 2017, I managed for the first time to publish a paper in one of these top-tier journals, in this case ECRTS. The following year, we published another in RTAS, and we’ve been publishing regularly ever since.”

But better news were to come, when in 2022 the organization of this conference invited Sandro Pinto to join the Program Committee of RTAS 2022, an invitation that was renewed in 2023.

Proving that resilience almost always bears fruit, Sandro Pinto reveals that in the year 2022 they had already had the Best Paper Candidate of a tier-2 conference in the domain (RTCSA), but had not won. “But this year, at RTAS 2023, we finally achieved that goal, and then received the Best Student Paper Award. We are very pleased and this was an injection of additional motivation to continue cementing the group’s position in the domain, and seek to achieve more awards, especially in the other two top-tier (RTSS and ECRTS).”

The School of Engineering congratulates José Martins and Sandro Pinto for this achievement, as well as the entire ESRG Group of the ALGORITMI Center for the work they have been developing.