EEUM researchers win honorable mention at the International Design Awards

This was the first participation of the University of Minho in the competition.

Régis Puppim, Luisa Mendes Arruda, Pedro Negrão de Lima and Patrícia Azambuja are the four researchers from the School of Engineering who received an honorable mention in the 13th edition of the International Design Awards (IDA 2019), in the Fashion – Textile and Materials category.

The project’s main focus is sustainability in textiles and proposes a new textile material made with pre-industrial textile waste from Lanifico (wool fiber), combined with flexible 3D printing recyclable filaments, in order to generate a felted material that can be used as a home textile, especially as a decorative panel.

This was the first participation of the University of Minho in the competition. The project was developd throughout the investigations of the Doctoral Program in Textile Engineering by Régis Puppim and Luisa Mendes Arruda, supervised by Ana Cristina Broega and Hélder Carvalho, respectively, Assistant Professors of the Department of Textile Engineering.

IDA is an international competition in the field of Design. This was the 13th edition of the annual competition that aims to recognize, celebrate and promote the visionary work of designers from 5 major areas (Architectural Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Product Design), with subcategories for each one, enabling the discovery of new talents and the valorisation of good practices.

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