Engineering School has new student with a grade average of 20

Of the three new students who joined UMinho this school year with a grade average of 20, one entered Informatics Engineering. This is Rui Pedro Oliveira, who came from Colégio D. Diogo de Sousa, in Braga. “It was logical to choose UMinho, because it is a national reference in Computer Science, because everyone speaks well of the course, because there is an important set of companies around and, also, because I am from Braga”, explains Rui Pedro Oliveira. The 18-year-old is expectant for the beginning of his academic life and admits to define his professional future only after his master’s degree, because his area “is in constant development”.

The School of Engineering of UMinho filled 99.1% of the places placed under the 1st phase of the National Competition for Access to Higher Education, receiving 930 new students. In 95% of the courses offered by UMinho, the last place was higher than last year’s and, in the case of Industrial Management and Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, it exceeded 18.

Get to know this and the other students 20 in this video.

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