Pint of Science Braga and Guimarães counts with 8 researchers from EEUM

Programs in Braga and Guimarães take place online from May 17 to 19

The annual “Pint of Science” festival returns on May 17, 18 and 19 to Portugal, with 90 scientists presenting their projects to society in a simple and accessible way. The initiative has sessions at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm each day in the cities of Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Guimarães, Aveiro and, for the first time, Coimbra and Viseu.

This edition has the themes ”Ter muita lata”, “O nosso mundo” and “Chatear Camões” addressing for example water resources, bio-energy, fires, human pregnancy, artificial intelligence, terrorism, mental health and tissue engineering. The sessions are on facebook of Pint of Science Braga and on the digital platform Nooks for Pint of Science Guimarães program, with several rooms available simultaneously.

On Monday, Andreia Salvador from the Centre of Biological Engineering will speak on the theme “O nosso mundo”, with “The two faces of sustainability”, at 7 pm, in the Braga program. In the Guimarães program, Fernando Ribeiro, from the ALGORITMI Research Center, takes the stage at 8 p.m. on “Why robots still don’t dominate the world?” together with Micael Gonçalves (spin-off GenSys, originated at EEUM), under the theme “Ter muita lata”.

On Tuesday it is the turn of Henrique Santos, from the ALGORITMI Research Center, and Cândida Vilarinho, from theCenter for MicroElectroMechanics Systems (CMEMS)), to intervene in “Cities and Waste” under the theme “Ter muita lata”, at 7pm, in the Guimarães program.

On Wednesday, at 7pm, Filomena Costa from the Centre of Biological Engineering will speak on the theme “O nosso mundo” with “Rehabilitating Tomorrow”. At 8 pm, on the Guimarães program, it will be Susana Catarino and Óscar Neves from CMEMS who will speak on “When medicine and engineering match”, on the topic “Ter muita lata”. Finally, at 9pm, Miguel Costa from the ALGORITMI Research Center will be at the Braga program with “Artificial Intelligence”.

“Pint of Science” is a non-profit association, whose concept was born in 2012 by two neuroscientists from Imperial College (UK). The festival made its debut in Portugal in 2018, coming to Braga in 2019 and to Guimarães in 2020, having in these cities the co-organization of members of UMinho. Due to the pandemic, the program has moved from bars to the online plataforms, but the purpose remains the same: to promote knowledge and scientific discussion in a way that is clear for all, explains Maria Antónia Silva, from the local organization and researcher of the School of Sciences of University of Minho.