School of Engineering welcomes Lisa Lang

The President of the School of Engineering, Pedro Arezes (right in the photo), as well as the Director of 2C2T, Raul Fangueiro, (second from left) received on 27 May in Azurém the entrepreneur, entrepreneur, technologist and famous international speaker Lisa Lang (centre).

With the aim of combining technology with fashion, Lisa Lang founded ElektroCouture, OFundamentO and ThePowerHouse, leading FashionTech agencies in smart technologies, clothing and textiles.

Given her extensive experience in entrepreneurship, Lisa Lang is considered by Forbes Europe as one of the top 50 women in technology and one of the 100 most influential people in wearable technology. She is also in the Top 25 of world leaders in fashion and technology and was named one of the most important women for innovation in startups in the European Union. Lisa Lang is one of the driving forces behind the intersection of textiles and aerospace. She was recently a speaker at a TEDTalk in Athens entitled ‘what are we going to wear on Mars?

Lisa Lang was also accompanied by Emir Sirage (first left), an alumnus of Industrial Engineering and Management at EEUM and who is the current COO of AirCentre and chair of the Eureka programme at the Portuguese presidency, and by Fredrik Timour (second right), of the Fashion Innovation Centre in Sweden, who works for the Swedish Fashion Council, having created a new innovation centre for fashion, and is also the founder of Neue, a platform for the development of digital fashion, including hardware, software and cloud services, for fashion brands and end-user applications. Together with Lisa Lang, they are both curating the ‘Fashion in Space’ workshop at the Creative Economics Forum at the Zurich University of the Arts taking place in September this year.