Secretary of State for National Defence on a visit to the Engineering School

The School of Engineering of the University of Minho received on May, 4th, the Secretary of State of National Defence, Marco Capitão Ferreira, at the Azurém campus of the University of Minho.

Accompanying the Secretary of State of National Defence was Pedro Rodrigues, his Assistant, and Ana Resende, Chief of Staff. Rui Cerdeira Branco, member of the board of idD Portugal Defence, a structure under the joint supervision of the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Finance, which aims to make the defence technological and industrial base a relevant international player in the defence economy, was also part of the delegation.

The delegation was received at 15h30 by the Vice-Presidents of the School of Engineering, Professors Raúl Fangueiro and Lígia Rodrigues, and then went on to visit the CCG – Computer Graphics Centre (15:45), Fibrenamics and CVR – Centre for Waste Valorisation (16:30) and the PIEP – Centre for Innovation in Polymer Engineering (17:30), in order to get to know the most recent engineering projects and technological developments in the area of Defence developed here.

The visit was part of the recent signing of the protocol between the Direção-Geral de Recursos da Defesa Nacional and UMinho.