Siemens visits the School of Engineering

On 12 January, members of Siemens Portugal were at the Azurém campus, meeting with the President of the School of Engineering to explore opportunities for collaboration.

The programme of the visit consisted of a presentation of the School of Engineering and the MIT Portugal Programme, followed by a visit to the MIT Portugal Office, the Done Lab and the 2W-DSM Vehicle Simulator. Finally, the MITH/Casais programme was presented.

The visit was attended by the Rector of UMinho, Rui Vieira de Castro, Domingos Bragança, Mayor of Guimarães, Pedro Arezes, President of EEUM and National Director of the MIT Portugal Programme, Raul Fangueiro, Vice-President of EEUM, António Pontes, President of DONELab, Nelson Costa, Coordinator of the 2W-DSM Vehicle Simulator, António Carlos Rodrigues, CEO of Casais, José Mário Fernandes, Director of Casais, Fernando Silva, CEO of Siemens Portugal and Joaquim Moreira da Silva, Siemens North Region Delegate.