Spin-off UMinho Keep Solutions distributes profits among its employees

Keep Solutions, UMinho spin-off from the School of Engineering, which develops advanced solutions for information management and preservation, has distributed 78 thousand euros from 2021 profits to its 25 employees, an average of 3,130 euros each.

In a statement, the company said that it has been developing this profit distribution policy since 2014, and in total has already delivered more than 275,000 euros to its employees.

According to the financial director, Luís Miguel Ferros, quoted in the statement sent “the company is proud to have achieved positive financial results since its inception”. He adds, “In 2014, the board agreed that it would be fair for employees to be compensated for the company’s good performance, and so we implemented a policy of profit distribution. Since 2014 we have distributed more than 275,000 euros in bonuses to employees.

In the year 2021, the company reached a record amount of turnover and consequently also in the amount distributed to employees.

Taking into account last year’s results, the company managed to deliver to each of its 25 employees, an average value of 3,130 euros.

In the statement, Keep Solutions points out that “having a satisfied and motivated team is one of the biggest goals of the company” and, “to strengthen this feeling”, recently created the program “Fun Out of Hours” which aims to create moments of conviviality among employees of the company. “From monthly parties at the offices to outdoor experiences, such as boat rides or surfing lessons, all reasons are valid to provide moments of relaxation so important to develop team spirit and unity,” says the statement.

“It is an excellent initiative and has had a great adhesion, even in events outside working hours,” says Paulo Lima, project manager of the company, also quoted in the statement.

“These meetings become even more relevant at a time when the company has adopted the hybrid working model and there are more people telecommuting, making daily face-to-face contact impossible” says Miguel Ferreira, CEO.

Keep Solutions was founded in 2008 by a professor and former students of Computer Science and Informatics from UMinho, and is based in Braga.

Develops advanced solutions for information management and preservation. It has worked with several ministries, universities, municipalities and private individuals, as well as international institutions such as the European Commission and the National Archives of Sweden and Estonia.