UMinho supports the recovery of water infrastructures in Braga

Cooperation protocol – involving UMinho, AGERE, Bracara Augusta Foundation and parishes of the municipality of Braga – seeks to recover public washbasins, irrigation tanks and fountains, promoting environmental sustainability and cultural enhancement

The University of Minho signed last November 16th, in the Rectory’s noble hall, a cooperation protocol for the recovery of water infrastructures in Braga, involving entities such as AGERE, the Bracara Augusta Foundation, as well as the various Unions and Parish Councils of the municipality of Braga.

The project aims to carry out a survey and characterization of the “Wash Houses, Irrigation Tanks and Public Fountains” in order to identify, inventory, classify and benchmark, in addition to an analysis of their condition and prospects for intervention. The project has a collaboration protocol for 24 months, renewable, and will have a multidisciplinary team integrating the specialties of heritage, hydraulic engineering, architecture, history, and culture.

The School of Engineering of the University of Minho will collaborate by providing scientific support in the area of Hydraulic Engineering, and the team supporting the development of the project will include Professor Paulo Ramísio, researcher in the areas of hydrogeology and hydrology.