ALGORITMI points solutions for the well-being of people in urban centers

On the past May 31 were presented at the School of Engineering of the University of Minho, Azurém Campus, the results of the project “Integrated and Innovative Solutions for the well-being of people in complex urban centers“, developed in the ALGORITMI Center, coordinated by Professor José Machado.

The session was attended, among others, by Dr. Domingos Bragança, Mayor of Guimarães, Mr. Paulo Lopes Silva, councilman of the Municipality of Guimarães, Mr. Ricardo Machado from the Intelligent Systems Development Division, Professor Pedro Arezes, President of the School of Engineering, Mr. Gabriel Pontes, Executive Secretary of ConfMinho, and Professor Paulo Novais, coordinator of LASI (Associated Laboratory for Intelligent Systems).

This project counted with the participation of Guimarães City Hall, through its Intelligent Systems Development Division.

This project funded by COMPETE 2020 and the European Union had as main objective the development of an intelligent platform, capable of being used as a decision support system and with analytical and predictive capabilities, with real-time integration functionalities of heterogeneous data sources, data analysis and advanced processing techniques of artificial intelligence algorithms and adaptive and personalized visualization.

The project had three main lines of research, one related to the development of Big Data storage platforms, a second related to the theme of management and analysis and the use of energy with a social component and sustainability guarantees, and a third related to the management of groups in contexts of smart cities focused on people and their well-being.

The project involved the provision of data from municipalities in the region, with the participation of the Municipality of Guimarães, a pilot city and knowledge replicator, which provided a large set of data.

In the project’s final workshop, the ALGORITMI Center researchers presented the main contributions, the platforms and systems developed, as well as the future perspectives.

Particular emphasis was given in the presentation to the CityData platform, which allows the visualization of real-time data, occurrence prediction, alert management, and integrates urban traffic optimization and simulation functionalities, among others.

The Mayor of Guimarães highlighted the importance of data for Artificial Intelligence, and reinforced the ideas of ethics, safety and well-being in the development of solutions for a better life in cities. “I hope this work can serve for the birth of new companies,” he said.

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