EEUM integrates a delegation received in China

The School of Engineering is represented, through the vice-president, professor Raúl Fangueiro, in a committee from the textile area invited by the Chinese Embassy in Portugal, with the aim of establishing partnerships for commercial and industrial cooperation and in terms of teaching, research and innovation. The program runs from May 26 to June 9 in several locations in China.

The first week of the visit included several collaboration activities with Wuhan Textile University, with EEUM establishing very important contacts for the establishment of cooperation protocols for the exchange of students and researchers, and for joint involvement in research and development projects. A presentation was made of School of Engineering’s competencies, in general terms, and in the fields of textile engineering and fashion design, in particular.

In Beijing, the School of Engineering had the opportunity to strengthen relations with the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. The delegation was also received by the Portuguese ambassador in China.

The program also includes several visits to leading Chinese textile companies.

This delegation included representatives of the Ministry of Economy, the University of Minho, represented by the vice-president of the School of Engineering, professor Raúl Fangueiro, the 2C2T – Centre for Science and Textile Technology, represented by professor Fernando Ferreira, the Chamber of Vila Nova de Famalicão, the CITEVE, the Textile Association of Portugal, the Luso-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and several Portuguese textile companies.

Comitiva Textil