Beatriz Oliveira and Ricardo Costa congratulate the graduates of the School of Engineering

On 21 February, the School of Engineering prepared a Graduation Ceremony for its students, which took place in the central nave of the Azurém campus and featured guest speakers Ricardo Costa and Beatriz Oliveira.

Almost 1,000 recent bachelor’s and integrated master’s graduates, 300 recent master’s graduates and 72 recent doctoral graduates were invited to take part in this ceremony and share the success of their academic career with course directors, colleagues, friends and family.

“The bridge between the Human and the Artificial: the role of Engineers” was the very topical subject that EEUM alumna Beatriz Oliveira brought to the recent graduates, along with her personal story and the path that led her to found her own company after graduating from EEUM.

“Humanised Leadership” was the topic that Ricardo Costa chose to share with the entire audience of the academic community present at this event, a topic that is also increasingly debated and on the agenda.

Opening the ceremony, the President of the Pedagogical Council, Professor Lígia Rodrigues, congratulated all the graduates and reinforced the message she left in the Graduation Book: “At this graduation ceremony, it is important to remember not only the lessons you have learnt in the corridors and classrooms of this university, but also the friendships you have built, the challenges you have faced and the achievements you have made,” ending her speech by wishing “May your journey as engineers be long, rewarding and full of accomplishments.”

The ceremony included the presentation of the Almedina prizes, awarded to the best student in the School of Engineering, beneficiary of a scholarship awarded by the Social Action Services of the University of Minho, which, due to the absence of the winning student, Carla Maria Leite Rebelo, a student on the Integrated Master’s course in Information Systems Engineering and Management, was presented by the Vice-President of EEUM, Professor Raúl Fangueiro, to the President of the Pedagogical Council, Professor Lígia Rodrigues, on behalf of the student.

This was followed by the APGEI – Associação Portuguesa de Gestão e Engenharia Industrial (Portuguese Association of Industrial Management and Engineering) prize, awarded to the best Master’s student in Industrial Engineering and Management, whose CV includes, in addition to the best course average, the best dissertation grade and a relevant set of extracurricular academic activities. The winner of this award was student Sara Raquel Oliveira Sá, who received it from Professor José António Sarsfield Cabral, President of APGEI.

IBEROMOLDES concluded the awards ceremony with the prize awarded to the student with an average of more than 14 points who obtained the best evaluation in the course units Mould Design, Plastics Design and Quality, Integrating Unit 7, Behaviour and Quality of Plastic Materials and Product Development with Polymers. The award was presented to Daniel Santos da Cunha, a student on the Master’s course in Polymer Engineering, by Gil Braz de Oliveira, representing the company Iberomoldes.

After all the graduates from all the study cycles registered for the ceremony were called to the stage to receive their access cards to the 2022/2023 Graduation Book from the course directors, the session was closed by the President of the School of Engineering, Professor Pedro Arezes, who reminded the graduates that: “Today you become Alumni and will always remain, in some way, linked to this School.  We hope that this sense of belonging is clear to you and that you will never cease to feel accompanied by the School of Engineering wherever your destiny takes you.”

The School of Engineering community wants all graduates to know that they can continue to count on EEUM in their future and, above all, to be proud of the institution that trained them!


Review the ceremony and access the 2022/2023 Graduation Book here:



Beatriz Oliveira is the founder and CEO of BindTuning, Microsoft Regional Director and speaker. She was president of the IAMCP and Microsoft MVP for four years. She graduated in Systems Engineering and Computer Science from the School of Engineering at the University of Minho and completed a master’s degree in Communication and Design at IADE.

Ricardo Costa is CEO of the Bernardo da Costa Group, Honorary Consul of Kosovo and Board Advisor of KuantoKusta. He is a director of several companies and chairman of the board of AEMINHO – Associação Empresarial do Minho (Minho Business Association), chairman of the General Assembly of APSEI – Associação Portuguesa de Segurança (Portuguese Security Association) and of Virar a Página – Cantina Solidária (Solidarity Canteen), as well as being a member of the boards of several institutions of various kinds in the region. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Universidade Lusíada de V. N. Famalicão and an International MBA from Católica Porto Business School.