More than 3,000 offers at the School of Engineering’s Jobs Day – Tomorrow Needs You

Another Employment Day – Tomorrow Needs You – took place on 20 February, one of the biggest employment and career initiatives not only in UMinho, but in the region. More than 75 companies and institutions gathered in the Azurém campus Nave – which has limited the number of participants in this event – in a line-up made up of start-ups, medium-sized companies and large multinationals. Some of UMinho’s interfaces and colabs were also represented, which means that future graduates of the School of Engineering can also start their careers within UMinho’s campuses.

Recruitment differs greatly from company to company, as they know that they have students at EEUM at different stages of their academic career, and for this reason they presented more than 3000 vacancies, ranging from short-term internships (for first-year students), vacancies for dissertation projects (for master’s students), and job vacancies for recent graduates, or even for those who want to restart their career in Engineering, Design and Technology.

Training organisations and entrepreneurship project coordinators, such as UMinho’s Graduate Alliance, IEFP, Guimarães Set UP and InvestBraga were also represented, increasing the diversity of opportunities presented to the public at this event: retraining, for those looking for new areas of training, or the creation of their own job through entrepreneurship support projects.

The 600 or so participants who applied for these vacancies and responded to the call from the companies had various activities on their stands, many of them using virtual models to illustrate the future internships and jobs they might have in Portugal or in Portuguese projects abroad.

For the Vice-President of the School of Engineering with responsibility for Interaction with Society, Professor Raúl Fangueiro, this edition left no doubt: “We are sure that for the next edition most of these companies have already booked their place, and from some of the contacts made here today by our students we will see the start of successful paths.”

Video report and more information at: https://www.engium.uminho.pt/tomorrowneedsyou/diadoemprego2024/