EEUM student receives honorable mention in REN Awards

Sérgio Miguel da Silva Coelho is a student of the Integrated Master in Industrial Electronic Engineering and Computers at the School of Engineering of the University of Minho, where he is working on the thesis “Development of a Micro-Inverter for Renewable Energy Systems in Distributed Micro-Networks”, which earned him an honorable mention (worth EUR 2,500).

The history of the REN Award

The REN Award is one of the oldest scientific awards in Portugal. Created in 1995, it has evolved to incorporate the developments and transformations of the energy sector over the years.

It started as an award for the best students of networks and electrical systems, to later incorporate natural gas and, more recently, candidates from other areas, from Engineering to Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Law, Information Systems and Computing.

Awarded every year to the best master’s theses in energy developed in Portuguese universities, the REN Award has a clear purpose: to contribute to the development of the energy sector in Portugal and to strengthen the interaction between REN and academia in Portugal.

Source: Expresso

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