Formula Student competition comes to UMinho conducted by EEUM students

The most prestigious university car competition, held annually in several Formula 1 circuits around the world, came to the University of Minho, through the 5th year students of the Integrated Masters in Mechanical Engineering of the School of Engineering, Diogo Mota da Cunha and Paulo Leão, FSUMinho project leaders.

With the implementation of FSUMinho, UMinho will be the only institution in the North with studies in the area of Engineering to have Formula Student in the range of projects. This will make it possible to take advantage of UMinho’s strategic location with companies in different areas of Engineering and create a win-win situation for EEUM members and companies. Finally, Formula Student UMinho will foster teamwork, through the interconnection between different cores and elements in new fields and contexts, increasing everyone’s soft skills.

The competition is divided into 3 classes:

– Class 1: Dynamic presentation of the vehicle;

– Class 2: Presentation of the prototype;

– Class 1A: Dynamic presentation of the vehicle powered by alternative energies.

And several sectors:

– ECU: Software and Control;

– Body: Aerodynamics, Chassis and Suspension;

– Power Train: Engine and Transmission;

– Management: HR, Communication; Image and Marketing.

FSUMinho already has the collaboration of students from several EEUM student groups, namely, NEEEICUM (Students Group of Industrial Electronics and Computer Engineering), neEP (Polymer Engineering Student Group), CESIUM (Center of Informatics Engineering Students of the University of Minho), NEEGIUM (Students Group of Industrial Engineering and Management of the University of Minho) and AIS. SC (Núcleo de Estudantes de Sistemas de Informação da Universidade do Minho), and has the support of the Associação Académica da UMinho and the School of Engineering of UMinho.

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