Junior Enterprises of UMinho at the start of the Tomorrow Needs You Agenda

The agenda “Tomorrow Needs You” is back with sessions that seek to promote the career building of the School of Engineering students, with themes dedicated to company recruitment, soft skills and entrepreneurship.

To start well the academic year, on October 20th a Recruitment Session was held by the Junior Enterprises of UMinho, namely EPIC Junior, Young Minho Enterprise and ACE Junior Agency.

In this session the representatives of UMinho’s Junior Enterprises had the opportunity to present their entities, explain the recruitment processes and indicate which are the open positions.

The session was moderated by Joana Martins, responsible for Enterprise Liaison in the School of Engineering, as well as the participation of the EEUM Communication Office, and Filomena Soares, leader of the and can be reviewed here.

Know also the agenda of the next sessions here.