EEUM takes part in “Braga – The Gateway to Global Connections” event

At the “Braga – The Gateway to Global Connections” event, AEMinho and IPBN (Ireland Portugal Business Network) opened a vital dialogue on co-innovation. Moderated by AEMinho’s Director General, Margarida Rossi, the last panel highlighted the “power of technology transfer and innovation” as a pillar for business advancement.

Raul Fangueiro, Vice-President of the School of Engineering at the University of Minho / Head of the Fibrenamics Institute, João L. Vilaça, Pro-President R&I at IPCA and Director of the 2Ai Applied Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Francisco Guimarães from the IP Exploitation and Knowledge Transfer Department of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory shared insights into how collaboration between research centres and companies is essential for innovation that truly serves society.

“Braga, voted the best European city to live in, demonstrates that innovation must be more than an idea; it must be an ingrained practice, boosting not only business but also quality of life. Building an ecosystem where innovation is convenient and systematised, put at the service of companies and people.”

The event was also attended by Ricardo Rio, Alma Ní Choigligh (Irish Ambassador to Portugal), Geoffrey Graham (Chairman of the Board of @IPBN), and Gil Carvalho (InvestBraga).

Panel with Benoist Voidie (Concentrix), Anatolii Razgoniaiev (Ciellos), Daniela Mar (PTW) who emphasised the synergies and the vibrant ecosystem of talent, consolidating Braga as a city of the future.